The Reflection of Contemporary pulse of National Scenario with “Statement Today” Daily Hindi News / Samachar Agency

“Statement Today” Daily Hindi News / Samachar Agency is an independent online media initiative with a difference bringing to you news, views, special reports and insight besides engaging stories and features covering every sphere of human activity — from politics to business and from society to culture and sports.

“Statement Today” Daily Hindi News /Samachar Agency is to promoting values of developmental and positive journalism.

“Statement Today” Daily Hindi News / Samachar Agency is committed to striving for peace, freedom, democracy, justice and human rights, humanitarian values along with Indian heritage and served the society for betterment in every respect of social, cultural, educational and philanthropic well being. While we believe in a world without borders, our focus is on South Asia, the Gulf and the larger Middle East.

An endeavor of “Statement Today” Daily Hindi News / Samachar Agency has been to remain intellectually provoking and progressively fresh in its essays and articles. It would maintains a balance of politics, social affairs, business and economy, fiction, culture and the other finer nuances of life.

“Statement Today” Daily Hindi News / Samachar Agency Planning to publish national magazine on politics, culture, sports and entertainment, business affairs, would be published in both Hindi and English. We hope it would get overwhelming response from the readership segment as well in market which is evident from this fact of interaction of people from all walks of life.

“Statement Today” Hindi News Daily/Samachar Agency has a strong team of editors, experts of academics and finance affairs and legal issues along with a strong network of committed journalists to serve the cause of progressive journalism.

Vision Statement

Vision of “Statement Today” Daily Hindi News / Samachar Agency is to offer appropriate grounding in the world of issues, ideas and ideologies, challenges and current affairs with a critical global and historical perspective to broaden people’s vision and widen their perspective.

Mission Statement

Mission of “Statement Today” Daily Hindi News / Samachar Agency is to offer current affairs of India and of systems, interest, resources and policies which influence processes of communication and positive journalism.


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